Commodores of the Club

Many past Commodores met at the Club on the 25th July 2010 to commemorate the official date.  A print (20cm x 11cm) of this photo is available for a reasonable cost.

Past Commodores by Season

By convention the Commodore serves a term of two years before standing down

1934-37 F K Gibson

1937-39 G A K Williams

1939-41 E L Neale

1941-43 G Burns

1943-45 E L Neale

1945-47 M A Willyams

1947-49 C L Read

1949-51 M A Willyams

1951-53 D J McLure

1953-55 J G McGrath

1955-57 S E Loader

1957-59 E Rountree

1959-61 S E Loader

1961-63 G De Thier

1963-65 H le Page

1965-67 D Evans

1967-69 B O Alexander

1969-71 I R Smith

1971-73 M E Snowdon

1973-75 A E Britton

1975-77 I D MacIntosh

1977-79 J H Roberts

1979-81 W C Ricketts

1981-83 L A Fraser

1983-85 B R Mason

1985-87 A D Hewitt

1987-89 P J Pascall

1989-91 C W Cooper

1991-92 T G Mardon

1992-94 R A Cable

1994-96 A J Eason

1996-98 A D J Beasley

1998-00 R E Ward

2000-02 A R Brown

2002-04 A G Harris

2004-06 P A Leach

2006-08 A B Drysdale

2008-10 T Wornall

2010-12 P Willyams

2012-14 R McKay