Adult Sailing Lessons

The program will take participants to LEVEL 1 of the Yachting New Zealand National Sailing Scheme.

The lessons will normally be held in laser, sunburst or piccolo dinghies or your own yacht. There will be theory and practical both on and off water.

Because of the nature of the sport weather conditions can change and be unsuitable. Also facilities in the form of suitable boats and instructors may also not be available. MPYC make no guarantees as to availability of facilities on any particular day. The decision to sail is with the Officer of the Day and with the Instructor.

To enrol in the course you will need to pay the course fee of $360 at the time of enrolling.

What to Bring

You are required to bring warm clothes. We suggest woollen or polyprop gear, a windbreaker, suitable footwear, hat, a change of clothes (especially underwear or swimming togs), and a towel. Bring sun-screen, a wet suit and buoyancy aid if you have them.

You are welcome to have a shower after the lesson and refreshments in the clubhouse after on the water session. The course also includes rigging and de rigging the boats and debriefing so please allow time for this.

When to arrive

Please arrive at the stated time, as it is necessary to cover some theory as well as rig the yacht so that you get the most out of each lesson.

Format of the Course

There will be some theory before going on the water and on some days also afterwards depending on tide times. There will normally be about two hours sailing each day with two participants in the sunburst at a time, or one person in each of the lasers or piccolos. This should give each participant about an hour on the tiller.

The course will cover 4 lessons normally on different days plus one day testing. Each lesson will be about 5hrs.

After the course you are welcome to continue to use the club boats if they are not required for the next course ($10 per day).


Brian Smith

Ngaire Jesson

Alex Eason

Topics covered at Level 1 are:

  • Safety
  • Wind direction
  • Rigging
  • Capsize
  • Sailing
  • Ropework
  • Basic Boat care
  • Basic parts of Boat and Rig
  • Basic Rules
  • Launching and recovery.
  • Capsize and righting the boat

Level 2 courses are run once a year for more advanced skills and knowledge.